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Understanding Birds

As you well know, some of the best bird books are not field guides. Instead they give us an insight into becoming better birders, better conservationists, and better stewards of nature. Is there a "special" book on your shelf that we should have? Contact us and let us know - we'll see what we can do about adding it to our stock.

>>>>>     A Great Tool for Becoming a Better Birder    <<<<<

The Singing Life of Birds:

An Intimate Guide to the Private Lives of Birds: How. When, Why, and Where Birds Sing

Donald Kroodsma, Houghton Mifflin, paperback and CD, 482 pages.

"After reading Don's book, I'll never listen to a bird's song the same again."

- Jeff Riegel, Director, BirdCountry.US

"A groundbreaking book, a classic that will forever alter your experience of the natural world."

- Bird Observer

Some birds have thousands of different songs, some only one, and some even none. Some sing all day, some sing all night. Some are pleasing to our ears, and some not. It is this diversity I celebrate. How the sounds of these species differ from each other is the first step to appreciating them, of course, but those questions quickly give way to "why" questions. Why do some learn and others not? Why do dialects appear in some species and not others? Why is it mainly the male who sings? It is these and similar "why" questions that so intrigue us biologists as we try to understand the individual voices that contribute to the avian chorus. (From the Preface to The Singing Life of Birds - Donald Kroodsma)

Item # - MB-808 E .................................................. $16.95 US

Meet Donald Kroodsma in person at the Hill Country Warbler Fest - click here for details

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>>>>>     Another Excellent Tool for Becoming a Better Conservationist    <<<<<

BirdCountry.US Field Observation Notebook

BirdCountry.US, paperback, 129 pages.

Among birders there are several levels of lists, not just geographically, but what the birders themselves makes notes of. Many list the species, while some add the numbers of each species seen. Others break it down further by dividing their notes into the two sexes, while still others take it even farther and note the number of adults and immatures. The more detailed our observations, the more value they have to conservationists everywhere. But, the BirdCountry.US Field Observation Notebook goes even further. We give you 50 pages to note the birds you have seen and another 50 pages to document their behaviors. In addition, we've added 20 blank pages for your field sketches, maps, or whatever else you need. And if that isn't enough, we give you a complete checklist of all North American birds. It doesn't matter if you do weekly surveys at a National Wildlife Refuge or just jot down notes of the birds at your feeders while sipping your morning coffee - this field observation notebook is for you.

Item # - MB-109 .................................................. $12.00 US

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>>>>>     Another great book on the eaglesatlakemonroe.com bookshelf     <<<<<

Birder's Conservation Handbook -

100 North American Birds at Risk

Jeffrey V. Wells, Princeton University Press, paperback, 452 pages.

"... a gold mine of information on North America's rarest and most vulnerable birds."

- David Wilcove, Princeton University

Finally, a single resource that tells us the current status of our most endangered birds and, most importantly, what we as birders and conservationists can do to help protect these valuable resources. This is the latest addition to our bookshelves; it needs to be on yours as well.

Item # - MB-107 E .................................................. $35.00 US

- - - - - - - - - -

Peterson Field Guides

Finding Your Wings

Burton Guttman, Houghton Mifflin Company, paperback-flex-bind, 206 pages.

"Bird watching has long needed a user's manual for beginners - something to help them find their wings so they can take off in this fascinating hobby. Well, at long last, here it is."

- Bill Thompson III, editor of Bird Watcher's Digest

Finding Your Wings is an excellent way to "take the next step" in birding. This excellent workbook, full of instruction, quizzes and exercises, is designed for use with the 5th Edition of the Peterson's Field Guides - Eastern Birds or the 3rd edition of the Peterson's Field Guides - Western Birds. Many of the pages contain references to either of these two classic field guides. This is the latest addition to our bookshelves; it needs to be on yours as well.

Item # - MB-110 E .................................................. $14.95  US

- - - - - - - - - -

Third Edition


Frank B Gill, W H Freeman and Company, 2007, hard cover, 758 pages.

"This text comfortably straddles the necessity of presenting basic up-to-date information about birds with the intrigue and mystery of science in action"

- Doug Levey, University of Florida

Ornithology is the standard by which all college-level textbooks can be measured. It is obvious that Gill knows birds. Six sections containing 21 chapters will cover every aspect of avian biology from the origin of birds all the way through population dynamics and conservation. Every serious student of birds needs to have this book in their reference library. It's one of the most-used books on our library shelves..

Item # - MB-301 E .................................................. $115.00  US

- - - - - - - - - -

National Geographic's

Birding Essentials

Jonathan Alderfer and Jon Dunn, National Geographic Society, paperback, 224 pages.

"... Comprehensive and authoritative, yet engaging and user-friendly, it teaches readers how to begin and improve their birding... what to look and listen for... and how to make sense of what they see and hear..."

Either one or the other of these two authors has worked on all five editions of one of the most respected field guides in the birding world, National Geographic's Field Guide to the Birds of North American. Now they have combined their talents to create Birding Essentials: All the Tools, Techniques, and Tips You Need to Begin and Become a Better Birder. After all, isn't becoming a better birder what all of are striving for? This book belongs on everyone's shelf.

Item # - MB-014 E .................................................. $15.95 US

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Living on the Wind -

Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds

Scott Weidensaul, North Point Press, paperback, 420 pages.

"What Rachel Carson did for the sea - opening the public's eyes to the fragile richness of whole ecosystems - Scott Weidensaul has now done for bird migration."

- Caroline Fraser, Outside

We can't say it any better. Sometimes by land, sometimes by sea, sometimes by both - migration in birds has fascinated ornithologists, both amateur and professional alike, for centuries. Finally, someone has put it in a language that all can understand. Any student of avian ecology, no matter what their level of interest, will benefit from this book by gaining an understanding of an aspect of bird behavior that might mean the difference between thriving populations and extinction for so many species worldwide. A "must-have" on any birder's bookshelf.

Item # - MB-108 E .................................................. $16.00 US

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Pete Dunne on Birdwatching-

The How-To, Where=To, and When-To of Birding

Pete Dunne, Houghton Mifflin Company, paperback, 334 pages.

"Going afield with this book is almost like having Pete Dunne himself in your birding party."

- Robert Michael Pyle

While there are many books on the market today about bird watching and how to be a better birder, in our opinion, none even come close to the thoroughness of this great book by the winner of the American Birding Association's Roger Tory Peterson Award for Promoting the Cause of Birding. Every birder, no matter what their level of expertise will find value in this book. To the beginner, it is invaluable ... and extremely affordable.

Item # - MB-001 E .................................................. $12.00 US

- - - - - - - - - -

The Art of Pishing

Pete Dunne, Stackpole Books, soft cover, 92 pages plus audio CD.

Take a humorous, yet educational look at one of the best ways to see more birds. You've attracted them with food; now you can attract them by pishing. This is the only bird book we know of that comes with a warning. "WARNING: Reading this book and practicing its tenets could have dire, life-altering consequences. You could be eaten by bears, ostracized by your children or, worse, you could turn into a bird watcher."

Item # - MB-103 E .................................................. $17.95 US

- - - - - - - - - -

The Sibley Guide to Bird Life and Behavior-

David Allen Sibley, Alfred A. Knopf, hard cover, 608 pages.

Published in 2001, this book is the companion to the world-renowned Sibley Guide to Birds published the previous year. This book belongs on everyone's reference shelf when questions come up about Flight, Form, and Function, Origins and Classification, Behavior, Habitats, and Populations. If that's not enough, it goes into detail in each of these subject areas for 80 bird families represented in North America. Clearly, an indispensable volume for anyone with an interest in birds and avian conservation.

Item # - MB-009 E .................................................. $45.00 US

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Winged Migration - Special Edition DVD

Jacques Perrin, Rated G, approx. 89 minutes.

Winged Migration received an Academy Award nomination in 2002 and this newly released Special Edition is even better. In addition to the movie, you also get "Making Of" scenes, Director's commentary, a featurette on the creation of the sound track, photo gallery, filmaker interviews and bonus trailers. "Open your eyes to the wonders of the natural world as you fly along with the world's most gorgeous birds through areas as remote as the Arctic and the Amazon and as populated as Paris and New York City."

Available for a limited time only !!!!!  Item # - MB-101 E .................................................. $14.99 US

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