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Bald Eagle Side-by-Side Comparison Golden Eagle

    Okay, so "EAGLE-ology" isn't a real word, but "ornithology," the study of birds, just doesn't seem to fit either. So, for now, we'll stick with "EAGLE-ology" as the study of eagles, the whole study of eagles, and nothing but the study of eagles. And quite a study it is, even when only taking into account the two species of eagles regularly found in the continental United States - the bald eagle and the golden eagle. (Stellar's sea eagles are listed as "accidental" visitors and white-tailed eagles are listed as casual visitors to the Aleutian Islands off the coast of Alaska. Species south of the United States include the solitary eagle, the crested eagle, and the harpy eagle. There is also a group of birds known as "Hawk-Eagles" in that same part of the world. The American Ornithologists' Union lists three of those within their listing area: the black-and-white hawk-eagle, the black hawk-eagle, and the ornate hawk-eagle.)

    Bald eagles and golden eagles, while both eagles, aren't very closely related. The bald eagle belongs to a group of birds known as fish eagles. These birds are related more closely to kites than any other group. Golden eagles, on the other hand, are members of a group of eagles collectively known as true eagles. Their relationship to other groups of birds lines up more closely with buteos (hawks with broad, rounded wings and soaring flight). So, while both the golden eagle and the bald eagle are "eagles," they are, at best, very distant relatives.

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Bald eagle portrait image by Hammond Photography - Jeff Hammond, Photographer; Laura Hammond, Business Manager. Other photos courtesy of Indiana Department of Natural Resources.

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